This is how it all started!              

It all began, as a little girl growing up in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of West Virginia with a dream for business; flowers and the love of things
that made me feel pretty and special about myself. 

Growing up I had two great role models in my life, my grandmother Etta and my aunt Dorothy Jean. Every summer was spent in Cleveland, Ohio where they lived and it was some of my most memorable childhood memories. 

I remember watching my grandmother make all her handmade beaded jewelry, knitted slippers and many other crafts that she would sell to help support her family. Something came alive in me as I saw her creating items to sell and that is where my business dreams were born. My grandmother also gave me the love of flowers, herbs and gardening. I would follow her into the garden where I would brush by the mint she had planted and breathe in the fresh scent. 
This is why you will see mint and fine herbal oils in a lot of my products. 

My aunt is a true beauty inside and out with perfect makeup and beautiful perfumes and a heart that gives to everyone. Spending those summers with my aunt made me want to be just like her and it gave me a love for the beauty in life and to want to give and help others. 

As an adult it was only natural that I became an esthetician working in beautiful day spas as a skincare and makeup specialist and that is where I learned how using good skincare products would benefit the health of your skin. 

The desire to have my own business with the love of skincare and beautiful products is where my business “The Graceful Rabbit” was born. Graceful reminds me of my Aunt and Rabbit reminds me of my grandmother’s gardens.

Our products are all made in small batches with ingredients that are good for your skin and will make you feel beautiful and special. Our company believes in giving and that is why throughout the year you will see us donate money from sales to organizations like Feeding America and working in food pantries. 
 We like to say your support of our small business pampers you and helps to feed others!

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